Physician Associates

Physician Associates are medically trained and qualified healthcare professionals, who work alongside doctors and provide medical care as an integral part of the multidisciplinary team.

Here at Saxonbrook, Physician Associates work closely with GPs and support the diagnosis and management of patients. They hold daily clinics in which patients are seen for ongoing, acute and urgent medical matters.

Physician Associates are able to:

  • take medical histories
  • carry out physical examinations
  • formulate differential diagnoses and management plans
  • develop and deliver appropriate treatment and management plans for both acute and long-term chronic conditions
  • request and interpret laboratory investigations
  • perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • provide health promotion and disease prevention advice
  • NB: Due to lack of legislation, Physician Associates are not yet able to prescribe or request ionising radiation in the UK.

Our Physician Associates:

  • Miss Tonima Nawrin BSc (Hons), MSc Cancer Biology; MSc PA-R
    Physician Associate (Female)
    Qualified in 2017, St George’s University of London
  • Mrs Karen Roberts MSc PA-C/R – Part-time
    Physician Associate (Female)
    Qualified in 2004, University of Colorado Denver
  • Mr Peter Aylett
    Physician Associate (Male)

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